Marietta CID seeks expansion

By Ross Williams

March 26, 2019

A group of self-taxing business owners is set to ask the Marietta City Council for permission to expand its boundaries Tuesday night.

The Gateway Marietta Community Improvement District is seeking to add five new properties to its territory.

A CID is a geographical area in which nonresidential commercial property owners agree to tax themselves above the regular property tax rate. The idea is to use that extra revenue to draw down additional state and federal dollars, which are then spent to improve the area’s infrastructure and beatification.

The Gateway Marietta CID was established in 2014 and its primary boundaries are Delk Road and Franklin Gateway, running north all the way up Franklin Gateway to South Marietta Parkway, with 68 members or commercial parcels within the boundaries. The CID encompasses about 1 square mile and also includes a few properties just south of Delk Road.

If it goes forward, the latest expansion will add five new properties to the bunch on both the north and south sides.

They are two office buildings, Economy Hotel Marietta, the hotel building on Kingston Court next to the under-construction Home2Suites off Delk Road and the SecurCare Self Storage off Wylie Road near Franklin Gateway.

Two of the five properties, the hotel building on Kingston and SecurCare, did not consent to be a part of the district, but if the plan is approved by the city, they likely will be.

That’s because the law states at least 51 percent of the owners must agree, and the agreeing owners need to comprise at least 75 percent of the assessed value of the property. In this case, 60 percent of the owners agree, making up 75.53 percent of the assessed value.

Michael Leithead, who was hired by CID board members in August to advise the organization in its expansion efforts, said the two reluctant properties are located strategically to provide benefits for the CID’s projects.

“Due to the improvements we’re hoping to make along Delk Road, we’re in the process of preliminary drawings for beautification along Delk Road, also along Franklin Gateway, but without the inclusion of those properties … we cannot move forward with those projects,” he said.

Councilwoman Cheryl Richardson said she’s all in favor of the expansion.

“Their main goal is to make us look pretty, so if they can expand and they’ve got people willing to come in and make that expansion, to make the area’s beautification goal expand, that’s a good front look for us,” she said. “People come in and see that coordinated effort, that brings more business, more opportunity, I can get behind that.”

Caroline Whaley