Redevelopment Efforts within Gateway Marietta CID spur Crime Drop on Franklin Road

Redevelopment efforts along Franklin Road led by the City of Marietta, Marietta Police Department and the Gateway Marietta Community Improvement District (CID) have resulted in a significant decrease in crime, according to statistics from the Marietta Police Department. 

Passage of the $68 million Franklin Road redevelopment bond in 2013 provided funds to The City of Marietta to purchase and demolish old apartment complexes that had become notorious for crime and drug abuse.

And last year, the Marietta City Council approved the creation of the CID, which includes 39 property owners in an area of about .92 square miles along Franklin Road.

The city has purchased and demolished four old apartment complexes that had become notorious for illegal drug sales and other crimes.

After the properties are purchased by the city, The Marietta Housing Authority works with residents to ensure they have opportunities to relocate in safer communities.

Like other CIDs in Cobb and the metro Atlanta area, the Gateway Marietta CID is funded by property owners who have agreed to increase their property taxes to collectively make investments in infrastructure, beautification and public safety improvements. 

Over time, these investments pay off by making the area more attractive, safer, and accessible, for people who live and work in the CID.  These improvements also make property within the CID more marketable as residential and commercial property, and ultimately increase property values. 

“The Cumberland and Town Center Area CIDs in Cobb are good examples of how consistent investment in infrastructure, beautification and public safety can transform an area into a highly attractive location for business and high density residential development,” notes Joe Knight, principal of Strategic City Partners, which manages the CID under the direction of its board of directors.

The investments are also decreasing crime along the corridor. 

Year-to-date, incidents of robbery are down 60 percent, aggravated assaults are down 54 percent, burglaries are down 47 percent, larcenies are down 43 percent, and motor vehicle theft is down 83 percent.

Joe Knight