Draft Board Meeting Minutes 7/16/19

Gateway Marietta Community Improvement District

Meeting of Board of Directors

Parkway Center

1850 Parkway Place, Suite 520

Marietta, Georgia 30067

July 16, 2019



Board Members in Attendance

Mark Lawson – Chairman

Bob Morgan – Treasurer

Milton Dortch

Tom Flanigan

Jon Harris

Rube McMullan

Other Officer

Caroline Whaley, SCP - Secretary

Other Attendees

Lynn Rainey, Board Counsel

Geoff Koski, Bleakly Advisory Group

Daniel Cumming, City of Marietta

Courtney Verdier, City of Marietta

Heidi Dasinger, Marietta Power & Water

Joseph Goldstein, City of Marietta

Cheryl Richardson, City of Marietta

Mr. Rainey administered the Oath of Office to Mr. Dortch pursuant to his reelection at the May 21 Caucus.


Call to Order

At 7:30 a.m. Chairman Mark Lawson called the board meeting.


Board Meeting Minutes

Mr. Lawson gave the board members time to review the draft of the May 21, 2019 board meeting Minutes.  Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan seconded by Mr. Dortch, the Minutes were approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Morgan presented the invoices for approval totaling $11,036.  Upon the motion of Mr. Lawson, seconded by Mr. Harris, the board unanimously approved the payment of the invoices.


Millage Rate Vote

Chairman Lawson called on Mr. Rainey to update the Board on the Millage Rate.  Mr. Rainey stated that a notice regarding the Millage Rate vote was run in the Marietta Daily Journal.


Mr. Lawson made a motion to set the millage rate at 5 mills for 2019.  Mr. Morgan provided the second with unanimous approval from the Board.


City Update

Daniel Cummings of the City updated the board that the proposal from Traton Homes for 123 townhomes on the Salvage Yard was approved by Council.  In addition, 150 townhomes on the Bishop property, 12.5 acres, was approved.  Hilton Home2Suites has called for its final inspection.  Rezoning has been approved for 2 hotels on the property adjacent to Home2Suites. The City has completed the transaction of selling 17 acres to Atlanta United, and final tenant of the Flea Market will be leaving in October.  The city is actively marketing the property and the tentative plan is to raze the property once vacated.  The Envision LCI is wrapping up and will be adopted in October. 

Project Updates

Ms. Whaley informed the board that the Transit and Mobility Summit that GMCID is sponsoring is scheduled for November 21, 2019.  Details will be shared as they come available. 


Ms. Whaley spoke with the board regarding the Landscape Design project for South Marietta Parkway and Delk Road, and asked for approval to have Winter Design move forward with the RFP process.  The board discussed the current landscape maintenance contract as well as the need to look at signage upon completion of next landscaping projects.  A motion was made by Mr. Morgan and seconded by Mr. Harris to approve the issuing of an RFP for installation of landscaping along South Marietta Parkway and Delk Road as presented in the design proposal as well as providing documentation and clarification of the design project.  The board approved unanimously.  Ms. Whaley is to provide documentation regarding costs and specifics of the contract to the board the first part of August.

Ms. Whaley is to work with Mr. Rainey on the current landscape maintenance agreement and speak with Cumberland about additional work and provide the board with updates.     


Bleakly Advisory Group Update

Geoff Koski of Bleakly Advisory Group provided an update to the board on current status as well as current findings.  See attached presentation.  Mr. Koski stated that the project should be completed in the next 4 weeks, and the report will be distributed to the board for review.  He will be available to present at the September board meeting if this is the wish of the board.


Other Business

Ms. Dasinger reported that the work being done at Blanche Drive is installation of a new water main. 


Mr. Lawson recognized Tom Flanigan for his service to GMCID and thanked him for his time as a board member.


Next Meeting

The next regular board meeting is scheduled on September 17, 2019 at 7:30 a.m.


There being no further business, Mr. Lawson adjourned the meeting at 9:14 a.m.


Approved by the Gateway Marietta CID Board of Directors this ___ day of _________________, 2019   



Caroline Whaley