Board Meeting Minutes 3/19/19

Gateway Marietta Community Improvement District

Meeting of Board of Directors

Parkway Center

1850 Parkway Place, Suite 110

Marietta, Georgia 30067

March 19, 2019


Board Members in Attendance

Mark Lawson – Chairman

Kim Gresh – Vice Chairman

Bob Morgan -- Treasurer

Milton Dortch

Jon Harris

Rube McMullan


Other Officer

Caroline Whaley, SCP - Secretary


Other Attendees

Lynn Rainey, Board Counsel

Michael Leithead, Leithead Consulting

Daniel Cummings, City of Marietta

Major Jake King, Marietta Police Department

Courtney Verdier, City of Marietta

Geoff Koski, Bleakly Advisory Group

Ladson Haddow, Haddow & Co

Dan Dobry, Croy Engineering

Sawyer Williamson, Williamson Bros BBQ

Holly Quinlan, Cobb Travel & Tourism

Dana Johnson, Cobb Chamber

Heidi Dasinger, Marietta Power

Heath Garrett, SCP

Cam Cameron, SCP


Call to Order

At 7:32 a.m. Vice Chairman Kim Gresh called the board meeting to order in the temporary absence of Chairman Lawson.


Board Meeting Minutes

Ms. Gresh gave the board members time to review the draft of the February 12, 2019 board meeting Minutes.  Upon the motion of Mr. Dortch, seconded by Mr. Harris, the Minutes were approved unanimously.


Call for Caucus of Electors

Board Counsel, Lynn Rainey, explained the process for electing board members for Posts 1, 2, 4, & 5.  Upon the motion by Ms. Gresh to Call for a Caucus of Electors for Posts 1, 2, 4, & 5 to be held on May 21, 2019, and seconded by Mr. Dortch, the motion passed unanimously. 


Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Morgan presented the Financial Report. He noted the board had invoices to approve in the amount of $12,169.  Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan, seconded by Ms. Dortch, the board unanimously approved the Treasurer’s Report including payment of the invoices.


City Update

Daniel Cummings of the City updated the board that the Hilton Home2Suites is nearing completion and has an April 30th proposed opening Day.  The adjacent hotel has recently changed ownership.  The owner and City are having conversations.  There has been little to no work on the parcel zoned for a Fairfield Inn. Plans submitted by Traton Homes for 102 townhomes on the Salvage Yard site has been tabled at the request of the developer. City Wide, excluding the Salvage Yard site there are 883 residential units in the pipeline for the City. Improvements to the Hospital ER are underway which has impacted Church Street. The Roswell Streetscape project is set to be complete in May and the South Marietta Parkway to Sandtown streetscape project has encountered some delays with completion in 2020. 


Public Works is preparing the SPLOST list for 2020. Mr. Rainey led a discussion regarding the use of the SPLOST funds and the importance for the GMCID Board to engage and determine if there are projects to submit for consideration. Further discussion ensued among the board members regarding the status of Franklin Gateway Extension. Mr. Lawson stated he will coordinate with Ms. Whaley a proposed strategy for moving forward and send it out to the board. 


Major King of the Marietta Police Department reported to the board that crime is down 17%, with very little occurring in the CID.  What is occurring is primarily crimes of opportunity.  The biggest issue is crime at Walmart, not within the CID.  The Flock Cameras have proved successful along Franklin Gateway, particularly related to nightclub activity.  The City is considering purchasing 24 additional cameras with Asset Forfeiture Funds.  Major King also mentioned the SMILE program for registering cameras on personal property.  GMCID cameras are registered.


Project Updates

Ms. Whaley presented to the board the three proposals for analysis of the CID received from Bleakly Advisory Group, Noell Consulting Group and Haddow & Co.  Ms. Whaley referred to the summary sheet that had been submitted to the board for review and acknowledged the representatives in the room from Bleakly Advisory Group and Haddow & Co, noting the Noell Consulting Group representation was not present due to illness. 


Geoff Koski of Bleakly Advisory Group addressed the board regarding the submitted proposal and provided a brief overview of the services being offered.  Mr. Koski answered questions from board members.


Ladson Haddow of Haddow & Co. provided a brief overview of the services being offered in the proposal as well as noted differences to an economic impact analysis.  He answered questions regarding the firms work in infrastructure improvement projects.


Mr. Lawson addressed fellow board members about the need for a study to have a document that will tell the story of GMCID with empirical evidence to give an overall analysis of the area. 


Board members concluded that they would like to be able to hear from all the companies that have submitted proposals.  Ms. Whaley is to work on setting a board meeting with Noell Consulting so as to allow final review of all candidates.


(Due to timing, Ms. Whaley recommended that Mr. Leithead be allowed to discuss expansion and then come back to project updates.)



Mr. Leithead presented expansion options to the board for review.  After considerable discussion, upon the motion of Mr. Morgan and seconded by Mr. Harris, Option B was unanimously approved by the board.  Later in the meeting, Mr. Leithead received a call from a property owner agreeing to join the CID.  With this newly added property, the board wished to revise its expansion resolution to include all the properties presented in Option B plus properties 112 & 113 on South Marietta Parkway.  Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan and the second of Mr. Dortch, the motion to revise passed unanimously.  The final Resolution, map, and parcel list are attached to these Minutes for reference. 


Project Updates

Ms. Whaley updated the board on landscaping work over the past month.  956 roses have been removed and reinstalled at South Marietta Parkway and Delk Road, the one-time clean-up of Blanche Underpass has been completed and Ms. Whaley is following up on the small fire in the landscape at South Marietta Parkway to understand GMCID’s recourse as well as cost to replace damaged landscaping.  Ms. Whaley mentioned that conversations are continuing with the Marietta Arts Council regarding Blanche Underpass.  Dana Johnson will serve as our liaison and a time is being established to take Mr. Johnson out in the CID.


Ms. Whaley provided an overview of community outreach for GMCID.  In the last month she has spoken at the Marietta Kiwanis Club and to the tenants at Parkway Place.  In addition, she will be speaking in May at the Lost Mountain Kiwanis Club.  Ms. Whaley attended the Select Cobb Investor reception, Georgia Power Housing Conversation conference, and The Chamber of Commerce Transit and Mobility kick off meeting on behalf of GMCID.  


Ms. Whaley proposed membership in the Marietta Business Association (MBA).  Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan and second by Mr. Dortch the board unanimously approved the expenditure of $85 to join MBA.


Other Business

Mr. Lawson recognized Dana Johnson, Executive Director, of Select Cobb.  Mr. Johnson thanked the board for the investment in Select Cobb and provided and overview of the work and success of Select Cobb over the last several years. 


Next Meeting

The next regular board meeting is scheduled on April 16, 2019 at 7:30 a.m.


There being no further business, Mr. Lawson adjourned the meeting at 9:25 a.m.


Approved by the Gateway Marietta CID Board of Directors this ___ day of _________________, 2019  





Caroline Whaley