Board Meeting Minutes 9/18/18

Gateway Marietta Community Improvement District

Meeting of Board of Directors

Parkway Center

1850 Parkway Place, Suite 520

Marietta, Georgia 30067

September 18, 2018




Board Members in Attendance

Mark Lawson - Chairman

Kim Gresh – Vice-Chairman

Bob Morgan - Treasurer

Tom Flanigan

Milton Dortch

Rube McMullan


Other Officer

Caroline Whaley, SCP - Secretary


Other Attendees

Lynn Rainey, Board Counsel

Caroline Whaley, SCP

Michael Leithead, Leithead Consulting

Daniel Cummings, City of Marietta

Courtney Verdier, City of Marietta

Laura Keefe, YELLS

Dan Dobry, Croy Engineering

Brad Turner, Cumberland Landscape Group

Josh Winter, Winter Design

James Hudgins, Cobb DOT

Daniel Foster, Georgia Commute Options

Joseph Goldstein, City of Marietta

Brian Marshall, Marietta City Police

Ron Price, Chattahoochee Tech

Heath Garrett, GMHC360/SCP


Call to Order

At 7:31 a.m. Acting Chairman Mark Lawson called the board meeting to order.


Board Meeting Minutes

Mr. Lawson gave the board members time to review the draft of the August 24, 2018 board meeting Minutes.  Mr. Morgan requested adding approval of $3,000 for Chamber Edge Trip in the expenditures approved August 24.  With the requested addition, upon the motion of Mr. Morgan, seconded by Mr. Dortch, the Minutes were approved unanimously.




Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Morgan presented the Financial Report. He noted the board had invoices to approve in the total amount of $14,102. Upon the motion of Mr. Dortch, seconded by Ms. Gresh, the board unanimously approved the Treasurer’s Report including payment of the invoices.


City Update

Daniel Cummings from the City updated the board that Ikea is completing the environmental asbestos abatement work.  Within the next week or two demolition should begin on Franklin Plaza.  Drive Shack is moving along as planned and still in due diligence.  The Flea Market has one remaining tenant.  The City is working with the tenant on a new location.  At this time, the Flea Market property is being marketed with additional property, totaling 19.5 acres.  Franklin Gateway Sports Complex is increasing in usage for the fall.


Mr. Cummings provided programmatic updates pertaining to the State Opportunity Zones.  The City is working to keep the boundaries as broad as possible.  Status is expiring, and the zones are being reevaluated. The South end of Franklin Gateway and Delk Road fall within a Federal Opportunity Zone.  Federal Zones operate and are administered differently, and the City is working to understand how this will be managed. 


Courtney Verdier from the City updated the board on the status of the Vision LCI Plan.  Funds have been received from ARC to complete this study and it should be completed by next summer.  The City is in discussion with Zagster regarding a County wide bike share program.


Caucus of Electors

The Acting Chairman recessed the Board meeting and called the Caucus of Electors to order and directed Board Counsel Lynn Rainey to lead the caucus through the process to replace the board seat vacated by Roger Davis.  Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan and the second of Mr. Dortch the Rules of Caucus were unanimously adopted.


Mr. Rainey called for nominations for Post 4.  Ms. Gresh nominated Jon Harris.  Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan and the second of Mr. Dortch the caucus unanimously agreed to close the nominations.


Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan and the second of Mr. Lawson, the caucus unanimously approved voting by voice rather than by ballot.


Mr. Rainey called for a vote for Post 4, and the caucus unanimously elected Jon Harris to serve the remaining term of Post 4.


The Caucus of Electors was adjourned and the Board meeting reconvened.


Election of Officers

Mr. Rainey explained that Mr. Dortch resigned his position as Chairman.  In the interim, Vice-Chairman Lawson has served as Acting Chairman.  The current secretary of the CID, Joe Knight, is no longer involved in GMCID.  The Chairman and Vice Chairman must be members of the Board, but the Treasurer and Secretary do not. 


Mr. Rainey opened the floor for nominations.  Mr. Lawson nominated himself to be Chairman, which passed unanimously by the board.  For Vice Chair, Mr. Lawson nominated Ms. Gresh, and the board passed unanimously.  For Treasurer, Mr. Lawson nominated Mr. Morgan and the board passed unanimously.  For Secretary, Mr. Lawson nominated Caroline Whaley, and the board passed unanimously.


Marietta City Police Update

Major Marshall updated the board on the FLOCK Security Camera.  He explained that it is like a deer camera that runs on a solar panel with cellular connection.  The cameras capture license plate/tag data and with its technology captures vehicle color and narrows the information regarding type of car.  The benefits to this type technology are its cost, at $1,500 per camera and is movable vs. a fixed camera that requires a lot of infrastructure for support and costs upwards of $14,000-$15,000 per camera.  Mr. Rainey asked questions regarding similarity to Genetech that the board recently purchased and Major Marshall explained how the two technologies differ.  Mr. Morgan followed up asking the status of the use of Genetech and Major Marshall explained that he is not sure of how Genetech technology is being used, if at all.  There was further discussion about the CID involvement and further benefits this technology could bring.  Mr. Lawson asked how many units would be beneficial for Franklin Gateway in the CID and Major Marshall responded 4 units minimum.   Mr. Morgan recommended it would be good for FLOCK to attend a meeting to provide a better understanding of the technology.  Ms. Whaley is to follow up with Major Marshall and FLOCK for the October meeting.


Expansion Contract

Ms. Lawson reminded the board that the contract for expansion to be performed by Michael Leithead that involved base pay in addition to a commission pay out had been sent to the board for final review.  It is Mr. Lawson’s recommendation to sign the contract as presented.  Mr. Morgan question the payment structure as the CID typically pays contractors at the end of the month.  Mr. Leithead agreed to these terms.  Mr. Flanigan questioned the payment of the full $3,500 for the month of September.  Mr. Garrett spoke up and urged the board to keep the contract as is and not pro rate September, due to the work that Mr. Leithead has already put in as well as the nature of professional services.  Mr. Leithead, upon the question of the board, provided an update on the work that he has done to date, stating that he has already committed 20-25 hours over the last 18 days.  When asked by Mr. McMullan is he feels he deserves the full month payment, Mr. Leithead answered in the positive.  Mr. Flanigan asked about details that will be included in Mr. Leithead’s reports to the board.  Ms. Whaley, who will be managing Mr. Leithead and the expansion project, described the reporting to the board.  Upon the motion by Ms. Gresh to approve the contract with payment at the end of each month and seconded by Mr. Morgan, the board approved unanimously.


Landscape Maintenance

Ms. Whaley updated the board on current maintenance issues.  GDOT has removed the two dead trees on Delk Road, Ms. Whaley will continue to work with GDOT to ensure that the Delk Road and South Marietta Parkway exits are cleaned up from the staging areas for the Northwest Corridor. In addition, Ms. Whaley has spoken with GDOT about a patch along Delk Road that is not in GMCID boundaries and maintenance is not in sync with current schedule.  GA Power will begin a transmission pole replacement project and will be impacting the landscape at I-75 and Delk Road.  Ms. Whaley will work with GA Power and landscape team when it comes time to restore the area.  An update was provided on the work that Cumberland Landscaping is doing and the improvements that are occurring with the landscaped area.  Ms. Whaley highlighted the blighted roses and washout areas.  Since these areas are in the location of the transmission pole work, the board recommended to wait at this time until the project is completed.  Ms. Whaley presented the curb scrape proposal submitted by Cumberland.  The board recommended that Ms. Whaley follow up with the City and GDOT.


Mr. McMullan stated that Blanche Underpass looks the worst is has in a while and asked Ms. Whaley to follow up on this item.


Josh Winter of Winter Design presented the conceptual plans for Delk Road and South Marietta Parkway.  Questions about tree height and CID boundaries were asked and answered that the tree height is in line with what is currently present and other than a small portion on Delk Road is in current CID boundaries.  Mr. Morgan asked where we are in the cycle of the contract.  Mr. Winter explained the next step is construction documents.  Installation window for landscaping is roughly Nov-March. 



Ms. Whaley provided an update on Franklin Gateway extension including the latest meeting with the City including City Manager Bill Bruton.  Based on input from that meeting Ms. Whaley recommends a working meeting to better understand the direction of the board.  Mr. Flanigan stated it is important to continue having discussions and keep the conversations moving and Mr. McMullan encouraged bold thinking.  Mr. Lawson stated that he will work with Ms. Whaley on next steps. 


Other Business

Ms. Whaley updated the board on events she has attended on behalf of the CID and upcoming events and meetings.  Mr. McMullan asked about the status of the Blanche Underpass Art Project and Ms. Whaley stated that she is working to connect with the right groups on this.  Ms. O’Keefe from Marietta YELLS spoke about the upcoming event on October 18th and invited all GMCID Board members to be a part of this night. 


Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled on October 16, 2018 at 7:30 a.m.


There being no further business, Mr. Lawson adjourned the meeting at 9:25 a.m.


Approved by the Gateway Marietta CID Board of Directors this ___ day of _________________, 2018.





Caroline Whaley