Board Meeting Minutes 8/24/18

Gateway Marietta Community Improvement District

Meeting of Board of Directors

Parkway Center

1850 Parkway Place, Suite 520

Marietta, Georgia 30067

August 24, 2018


Board Members in Attendance

Milton Dortch, Chairman

Mark Lawson, Vice-Chairman

Bob Morgan, Treasurer

Kim Gresh


Board Members not in Attendance

Rube McMullan

Tom Flanigan


Other Attendees

Caroline Whaley, SCP

Lynn Rainey, GMCID General Counsel

Daniel Cummings, City of Marietta

Courtney Verdier, City of Marietta

Heath Garrett, GMHC360/SCP

Jon Gargis, MDJ

Johnathan Warren, Nickel Works Consulting

Laura Keefe, YELLS

Heidi Dasinger, MPW

Michael Leithead


Call to Order

At 8:05 a.m. Chairman Milton Dortch called the board session to order.


Board Meeting Minutes

Chairman Dortch gave the board members time to review the draft of the July 17, 2018 board meeting Minutes. Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan seconded by Ms. Gresh, they were approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Morgan presented the Financial Report. He noted the board had invoices to approve in the total amount of $10,454.  Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan, seconded by Mr. Lawson, the board unanimously approved the Treasurer’s Report including payment of the invoices and the payment of $3,000 for Mr. Dortch to attend the Cobb Edge trip to Austin, Texas.



Mr. Rainey discussed the benefits of an established budget and how it allows for payment of invoices between meetings that are within budget.  Ms. Whaley presented the budget for 2018, along with a financial statement and balance sheet. With a motion to approve the budget as presented allowing for expenditures within the budget to be paid in between meetings made by Mr. Lawson and seconded by Mr. Morgan the motion passed unanimously.


Chamber of Commerce Event

Ms. Whaley presented an opportunity to co-sponsor with the with Cumberland CID and Town Center CID a presentation on autonomous vehicles, which could affect our traffic in the GMCID, at the upcoming Cobb Chamber Chairman’s Club meeting on Friday, September 7.  Upon the motion of Ms. Gresh and second by Mr. Lawson the board unanimously approved the expenditure of $1,500 to co-sponsor the event provided our Board members are provided admission to the presentation without further cost.


Expansion Consultant

Ms. Whaley updated the board from actions since the July board meeting regarding expansion consultants and referenced the proposals from Michael Leithead and Nickel Works Consulting.  Mr. Leithead and Johnathan Warren of Nickel Works each presented their process for expansion. 


Discussion ensued among the board members about the proposals and the need for single point of contact to allow for consistency.  Mr. Morgan asked for clarification regarding compensation among the two contracts. 


Mr. Dortch recommended selection of Michael Leithead to proceed with expansion subject to negotiations and approval of a contract by the Chairman and legal counsel.  Upon the motion of Mr. Lawson and second of Ms. Gresh the board unanimously approved the selection of Mr. Leithead, contract negotiations by Mr. Rainey and Mr. Dortch, and execution of a contract by the Chairman.



Laura Keefe of Marietta YELLS updated the board on the upcoming October 18 10th Anniversary event.  Heidi Dasinger asked for board members to please RSVP regarding the upcoming Concert on the Square.


City Update

Daniel Cummings from the City provided updates regarding Drive Shack proceeding on schedule.  Regarding the future Ikea site, all tenants are gone, and Franklin Plaza should be demolished by Oct. 1.  The Flea Market still has one tenant remaining, and the City will market the property in conjunction with other properties totaling 19.5 acres. 


Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled on September 18, 2018 at 7:30 a.m.


There being no further business, Mr. Dortch adjourned the meeting at 8:47 a.m.


Approved by the Gateway Marietta CID Board of Directors this _18__ day of ____September__________, 2018.



____Caroline S. Whaley__________________________Secretary

Caroline Whaley