Board Meeting Minutes 7/17/18

Gateway Marietta Community Improvement District

Meeting of Board of Directors

Parkway Center

1850 Parkway Place, Suite 520

Marietta, Georgia 30067

July 17, 2018 


Board Members in Attendance

Mark Lawson

Milton Dortch

Bob Morgan

Kim Gresh

Rube McMullan

Tom Flanigan


Other Attendees

Caroline Whaley, SCP

Major King, City of Marietta

Joseph Goldstein, City of Marietta, City Council

Daniel Cummings, City of Marietta

Courtney Verdier, City of Marietta

James Hudgins, ARCADIS

Heath Garrett, GMHC360/SCP

Lance Currey, Radisson

Eric Meyer, Cobb DOT

Josh Winter, Winter Design

Dr. Betty Ann Cook, Chattahoochee Tech

Ron Price, Chattahoochee Tech

Call to Order

At 7:32 a.m. Chairman Milton Dortch called the board session to order. 

Board Meeting Minutes

Chairman Dortch gave the board members time to review the draft of the May 15, 2018 board meeting Minutes. Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan seconded by Ms. Gresh, they were approved unanimously.

Millage Rate Vote

Chairman Dortch called on Caroline Whaley to update the Board on the Millage Rate.  Ms. Whaley stated that a notice regarding the Millage Rate vote was run in the Marietta Daily Journal on July 6th and was posted on since July 3rd.

Bob Morgan made a motion to set the millage rate at 5 mills for 2018.  Rube McMullan provided the second with unanimous approval from the Board.

Call for Caucus of Electors

Mr. Dortch called upon Ms. Whaley to update the board on the resignation of Roger Davis.  Upon the motion of Mark Lawson to call for a Caucus of Electors to fill the position of Post 4 with the vote being held on September 18, 2018 and the second of Kim Gresh, the board approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Morgan presented the Financial Report. He noted the board had invoices to approve in the total amount of $9,600. Upon the motion of Mr. Lawson, seconded by Mr. Flanigan, the board unanimously approved the Treasurer’s Report including payment of the invoices.

City Update

Daniel Cummings from the City provided updates regarding Drive Shack proceeding on schedule with the potential to speed up the schedule.  Ikea is on track, there are 4 tenants remaining in Franklin Plaza.  October 1 is the timeframe for demolition completion of Franklin Plaza. The Flea Market has 2 remaining tenants.  The pharmacy has moved to its new location in the Hardees. The sport complex is slated for a lot of activity with increased traffic at the end of July.  Public Works is scheduling for resurfacing to be completed in the next two months.  The old Holiday Inn is being transitioned into a Home 2 Suites.  At this time work is being done on the façade.  Around the City, road construction will be happening on Roswell Road between Victory and Dodd with a completion scheduled for May 2019.

Courtney Verdier from the City provided updates regarding multiple studies.  Rottenwood Creek, Phase I, is moving along as scheduled.  Currently the plans are before GDOT, waiting on authorization to move forward with final plans.  Construction phase is not funded.  The City is looking at Grants and possibly SPLOST.  The cost of this will be $10-$12 million in which the City will need to provide 20% of the project.   Phase II is in initial work and analysis.  Other studies in progress are Franklin/Delk LCI, Envision and MUII LCI.


Major King of the Marietta Police Department provided an update on safety and security along Franklin Gateway and Zone 1.  Crime is down 22% and calls for services are down.  Public Service has increased with the support of Marietta Police Safety Ambassadors.  Major King also updated the Board on an innovative technology called FLOCK.  He will provide a proposal to the Board regarding this new equipment.

Landscape Design Updates

Josh Winter walked the board through his work and completion of surveys.  Next step is to complete the Conceptual Site Plans, leading to Construction Document phase.  Mr. Morgan made a motion for completion of the entire project and Mr. Flanigan provided the second with full approval from the board.

Mr. Dortch discussed signage throughout the CID to highlight completed projects and announce upcoming projects.  Ms. Whaley is to follow up on signage and provide estimates from signage companies at the next Board meeting.

Mr. Dortch presented a proposal from Cumberland Landscaping to remove two Bradford pear trees on Delk Road.  Caroline is to solicit additional estimates as well as follow up with GDOT about these trees.  Upon a motion by Mr. Flanigan to remove the trees based on estimates up to $1,450 seconded by Mr. Lawson, it passed unanimously. 

The Board discussed the state of Blanche Underpass.  The Board asked Ms. Whaley to look into options for this area, determine the stakeholders and develop a scope of work.  Major King will check the status of the lights and Mr. Cummings will determine who is responsible for the lighting.

Franklin Gateway Extension

Ms. Whaley provided an update on the extension.  Intial meeting with Councilman Goldstein was positive and there will be a follow up meeting.  Ms. Whaley is working to schedule meetings with Councilwoman Richardson and Mayor Tumlin.

Croy presented a proposal for ongoing support as it pertains to extension work.  The proposal is on an as needed basis and is not to exceed $7,500.  Upon the motion of Mr. McMullan and the second by Mr. Flanigan the motion passed unanimously.

CID Expansion

Ms. Whaley presented expansion opportunities looking to expand boundaries northward to Roswell Road as well as completing Phase I expansion.  Mr. McMullan asked how expansion is to be achieved and Mr. Lawson discussed the options of a consultant to do expansion work.  The board asked Ms. Whaley to secure proposals from potential consultants.  The general consensus of the board is to meet in August to review the options and have it in place by September.

GMCID Social Media Plan

Ms. Whaley unveiled GMCID’s new twitter and Facebook.  She encouraged Board members to follow and share with friends.  

I-75 Managed Lanes Ribbon Cutting

Mr. Dortch updated the board that the originally scheduled event for August 24th at Roswell Road has been canceled.  The Ribbon Cutting event will occur only at the Terrell Mill location.  If any details emerge Ms. Whaley will udpate the board.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled on September 18, 2018 at 7:30 a.m.

There being no further business, Mr. Dortch adjourned the meeting at 8:57 a.m. 

Approved by the Gateway Marietta CID Board of Directors this _24_ day of _August____, 2018.




Caroline Whaley