Board Meeting Minutes 2/20/18

Gateway Marietta Community Improvement District

Meeting of Board of Directors

Parkway Center

1850 Parkway Place, Suite 210

Marietta, Georgia 30067

February 20, 2018


Board Members in Attendance

Mark Lawson

Roger Davis

Milton Dortch

Bob Morgan

Rube McMullan

Board Members Not in Attendance

Tom Flanigan

Other Attendees

Joe Knight, SCP

Katherine Moore, Georgia Conservancy

Johanna McCrehan, Georgia Conservancy

Daniel Cummings, City of Marietta

Courtney Verdier, City of Marietta

Laura Keefe, YELLS

Dan Dobry, Croy Engineering

Heidi Dasinger, Marietta Power & Water

Dan Buyers, McWhirter Realty

Nelson Vinson, McWhirter Realty

Call to Order

At 7:34 a.m. Vice Chairman Mark Lawson called the board session to order. 

Board Meeting Minutes

Vice Chair Lawson gave the board members time to review the revised draft of the January 19, 2018 Minutes after Mr. Rainey commented that the draft that was distributed to the board did not reflect his changes.  Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan, seconded by Mr. Davis, the board unanimously approved the Minutes with Mr. Rainey’s corrections.

Call for Caucus of Electors

Board Counsel Lynn Rainey led the board through the process of calling for a Caucus of Electors to replace the board seat vacated by Jeff Shaw when he sold his buildings in the CID. Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan, seconded by Mr. Davis, the board unanimously called for the Caucus of Electors to be held during the next board meeting on March 20, 2018.  

Board Chairman

With Mr. Shaw’s resignation, the chairmanship of the board of directors is vacant.  Upon the motion of Mr. Lawson, seconded by Mr. Morgan, the board unanimously elected Milton Dortch as Board Chairman.  Mr. Dortch directed Mr. Lawson to preside for the remainder of the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Morgan presented the Financial Report. He noted the board had invoices to approve in the amounts of $4,700.00 to SCP, $2,400 to Cumberland Landscape Group, and $522.50 to Board Counsel. He also noted that the City of Marietta Tax Manager had erroneously remitted $36,637.03 to the CID and he had to return the money.  Upon the motion of Mr. Davis, seconded by Mr. McMullan, the board unanimously approved payment of the invoices.

City Update

Daniel Cummings from the City updated the board on Drive Shack’s acquisition of 17 acres on Franklin Gateway. Drive Shack is a golf driven, entertainment venue with restaurants, games and a driving range. He also said that IKEA would close on its property at the end of March. Courtney Verdier then updated the board on the Rottenwood Creek Trail project. The engineering team is now recommending a pedestrian bridge to cross over I-75 just south of Delk Road. The trail would cross Franklin Gateway, turn south along Franklin Gateway, cross Delk Road, head east to I-75, and cross I-75 just south of Delk.

Landscape Conversation

Mr. Knight updated the board on his discussion with the city for the two organizations to bid out our landscape contracts together. We are currently working on the RFP together. 

Landscape Design

Mr. Morgan spoke to the board on his desire for the board to landscape along Delk Road and South Marietta Parkway between I-75 and Franklin Gateway. Josh Winter then presented the board with his proposal for the landscape design work. Upon the motion of Mr. Morgan, seconded by Mr. Davis, the board unanimously approved contracts with Winter Designs for the work in the amounts NTE $19,900 for Delk Road, and $20,650 for South Marietta Parkway.

Georgia Conservancy

Katherine Moore from the Georgia Conservancy presented to the board on the Georgia Conservancy’s history and ability. She then led the board through a group discussion to help us identify the CID’s strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. 

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled on March 20, 2018 at 7:30 a.m.

There being no further business, Mr. Lawson adjourned the meeting at 9:02 a.m. 

Approved by the Gateway Marietta CID Board of Directors this _20_ day of ____March_____, 2018.                                             

________Joe Knight_____________________Secretary

Caroline Whaley